MeasureSquare for Windows

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Multifamily Edition


Commercial Edition


At a glance

  • On-site Measure with a laser meter.
  • Estimate all flooring products.
  • Capture photos and customer signature on the spot.
  • Import PDFs and popular image files.
  • Estimate quantities by unit/floor.
  • All the features of the Multi-family Edition, plus:
  • Estimate product usage by installation phases.
  • Export to an Excel/bid template.
Import single floor plan
Batch import floor plans
Apply scale to multiple floor plans
Draw with mouse cursor or keypad
Curves, arcs, circles, or holes
On-site measure with a laser distance meter
Pre-defined room templates
Stairways and landings
Elevation & recess
Borders & inserts
Wall elevation design
Wall/room profile library
Product database
Drag & drop to assign products
Tile pattern library
Tile replacement
Custom tile pattern
Randomize tile layout by percentages
Grout coverage chart
Layout cuts on roll
Seam manipulation
Layout pattern match
Duplicate room/floor
Estimate by floor
Install phasing
Dye lot and roll length allocations
Stagger cuts
Review design in a 3D model
Review results in a worksheet
Group products
Export as PDFs
Export as an Excel spreadsheet
Export to accounting programs
Export as a CAD file
Export to a bid template