MeasureSquare for Stone

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MeasureSquare Stone Commercial


MeasureSquare Stone & Tile Commercial


At a glance

  • Estimate cut to size products and tiles on flat areas.
  • Generate visual layouts of cut pieces on slabs in seconds.
  • Import PDFs and popular image files.
  • Estimate quantities by name, product, trade and tags, up to 6 gouping levels
  • All the features of the Stone Commerial Edition, plus:
  • Design rooms, walls and elevations.
  • Wall stack profile replications.
  • Profile library for rooms and walls.
Batch import floor plans
Apply scale to multiple floor plans
Draw areas
Draw rooms
Splash and laminate
Splitter, virtical/horizontal/even splitter
Curves, arcs, circles, or holes
Project photos
Pre-defined room templates
Elevation & recess
Borders & inserts
Wall elevation design
Wall/room profile library
Product database
Drag & drop to assign products
Tile pattern library
Tile replacement
Custom tile pattern
Randomize tile layout by percentages
Grout coverage chart
Auto assign product
Layout direction
Pattern position
Duplicate area/room/floor
Install phasing 
Review design in a 3D model
Review results in a worksheet
Group products
Import from worksheet
Import from Excel spreadsheet
Multiple products
Multiple slab sizes
Export as a PDF
Export as an Excel spreadsheet
Export as a CAD file